The eldest known forefather of the Ykema family of Wymbritseradeel is Buwa Wabbaz, born halfway the 15th century.

The first person of who is known to use the surname Ykema, is Johannis Yckes Yckama (1636-ca.1702), farmer in Westhem and bijzitter van de grietenij (local title) Wymbritseradeel.

Johannes had a son Yke Johannes, who in his turn had three sons: Johannes, Harmen and Theodorus.

These three are the pater familiae of the three different branches of the Ykema family.

The entire story is available in the book that has been published in oktober 2013.

Maybe you know to which branch you belong, if not, we may be able to find out at your request.

Some enthusiastic trackers have, for years, been working on reconstructing the Ykema family tree and tried to find out who was part of it in the past and in the present.

Several years ago, a number of Ykema’s and in-laws have combined their data about the Ykema family.

They also decided to form the committee Commissie Ykema Wymbritseradeel to further pursue the quest for Ykema’s.


A lot of information has been gathered about the family it has been published in the book, including the family tree, old pictures, documents and interesting publications from family past. Other examples are the Galema, Mesdag, Wiarda en numerous other families.

All known descendants with the Ykema/IJkema family name are included, as well as partners and their offspring.

Regrettably this publication is only available in Dutch, but still we think it would be an interesting publication to have.

Should you know others, who might be interested, send us their name, address, city and phone number. If you have interesting information for our book, please let us know.